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Chris von Nieda is a successful freelance SEO, SEM, former US Marine and long time web developer. He got his start online back in the late 90′s when the Internet was still young. He founded and loves getting his clients better results from their websites.

Stop Referral Spam in its Tracks – Before It Ruins Your Data

Have you ever noticed questionable numbers or odd referral sources in Google Analytics and wondered what was going on? If this sounds familiar, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve fallen victim to Google Analytics spam. While far less widespread than other forms of spam, every year more website owners  approach us for ghost spam help. […]

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Everything You Should Know before Requesting Backlinks

Google recently issued two conflicting statements pertaining to requesting links from webmasters. One seemed to indicate that the mere act of asking for links could get you penalized, while a follow up clarification from Google seemed to endorse this method of building new links. Although this may raise uncertainty regarding the practice of requesting links, […]

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Google Display Network vs. Adwords

Today, I’d like to highlight what could be easily one of the biggest misconceptions in digital marketing. It concerns the use of Google’s Display Network. Many people mistakenly believe that, since the platform is based on the brand awareness display ad model, Google Display Network ads have no place in performance driven media plans. However, […]

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Tweets Now Appear in the Google Search Results

The Google – Twitter partnership is official, with tweets already beginning to show up in the mobile search engine results. While tweets are not yet visible on desktop searches, Twitter data is already populating on Google’s mobile search app. Likewise, the search engine giant promises to bring similar functionality to non-mobile searches in the very […]

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Internet Explorer is Finally on Its Way Out

Once the preferred choice of web surfers the world over, it is not surprising to learn that Internet explorer is being put out to pasture. (Finally!) Ever since other major players have entered the market, IE has experienced a steady decline in usage.  I gave up IE for Firefox years ago and eventually switched to […]

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Google Is Forcing You To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly. Learn What To Do Now.

If your website is not responsive to mobile devices or does not display properly on the various screen sizes, in the coming weeks or months you could find it more difficult for you to rank on Google.

Google’s Mobile Warning Notifications – The Back story
Not long ago Google announced that they’d begun sending mass email notifications […]

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Calculating SEO ROI – What Would Warren Buffett Do?

As a search engine marketing professional, I receive numerous questions from clients about organic SEO rankings. Perhaps the most common question is “what type of return should I expect from my SEO budget?”  Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer to this question – so the answer is that ‘it depends…’
For instance, since it takes […]

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Google Penguin 3.0 Recovery

Have you noticed a significant drop in your website’s search engine rankings or substantial changes in your organic search engine traffic? If you are noticing these types of changes, it could be because your site was penalized by Google Penguin 3.0.

Alternatively, maybe your website hasn’t been penalized but after hearing about the Penguin update you […]

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