Search engine optimization is an always evolving art, not a science. What worked yesterday is getting your site penalized by Google today. By following industry leaders, constantly re-educating ourselves, testing ideas and theories and monitoring analytics we will bring the right traffic and people to your website and lay a solid foundation for any future SEO effort.

Search Engine Optimization ServicesThe following provides details on our comprehensive 13 step Search Engine Optimization process. Following these steps ensures you receive a thorough and comprehensive analysis, recommendation and implementation of Search Engine Optimization.

Step 1: Quick review of your site or content.  When we are first introduced to a new client and website one of the first things we do is give the website a quick look. We look at things like the the look and feel, the quality of the content, calls to action, page title tags, meta descriptions, url structure, the number of inbound links, if there is a blog or recent content updates and other factors.

Step 2: Next we identify your goals for the website and for the SEO work. We are all about ROI so we want to figure out what is important to you and how we will measure it.  Some goals will be obvious, like get more sales or more traffic. But others may not be and we want to be thorough. All that matters to us is what matters to you.

Step 3: Critical element analysis: We perform a deep analysis on the key elements that, when adjusted & optimized, leads to an overall successful SEO campaign. Some of these elements include back link analysis with anchor text, competitors, on-site SEO, internal linking, information architecture, landing pages, sitemaps, robots.txt, indexation and data collected from analytics and Google webmaster tools.

Step 4: Create the plan.  Most of our SEO work comes in 2 “phases”. Phase one is optimizing the site itself as is. Or, it may be just optimizing certain parts of the site. The 2nd phase is content creation and/or promotion.  Both phases are equally important and can bring new traffic and business opportunities.

Step 5: Identify initial web pages for SEO. We will work with you to identify the most important pages on your web property first or make recommendations to create some if we feel what already exists is not helping you reach your goals. These pages are typically landing pages, high traffic pages, sales pages, product pages, blog home page or other important pages.

Step 6: Keyword research: Identifying the most popular keywords or phrases your customers are using online is critical for successful SEO. From initial ideas you provide and analysis of your website, we will generate a comprehensive list of the most popular, relevant keywords associated with your website and business.

Step 7: Identify the main and alternate keywords for each web page: Every page requires a unique key word or phrase to include in the meta tags and content. If more than one page is optimized for the same keywords it can confuse the search engines and hurt your ranking position because those pages will compete.  During this step we will create a document that contains each page and an appealing, relevant keyword rich page title, a meta description that will inspire clicks in the search engine results pages and meta keywords tags for Bing and Yahoo.

Step 8: Interim Client Approval: Review the web pages and keywords with you to obtain agreement or make adjustments before beginning the actual SEO work.

Step 9: Baseline Reporting: Generate a baseline report for the primary & secondary keywords as well as traffic and conversions.  We want to know where we are at so we know where to go.  We will continue reporting bi-weekly or monthly and assessing the results achieved.

Step 10: Recommendations: Leveraging the analysis performed in Step 3, we will addresses with you specific changes and additions for your site and decide if you would like us to do the work or your own web team. In some cases we include sample copy and the exact HTML code, suitable for cut & paste by you or your programming team.

Step 11: Programming: Optionally, we can implement the changes for you based on recommendations in Step 6 or you or your programming team can do it. Once all the changes have been completed, we will run an audit to verify that the recommendations were implemented correctly and identify any changes, if needed.

Step 12: Content Promotion: Although search engines regularly spider new & existing pages, we recommend promoting your content on key channels. We will identify the key search channels where we should promote your webpage’s, and any fee associated with each. (Eg: Facebook, Twitter, BOTW, Yahoo Directory, Social Bookmarking, LinkedIn niche sites etc.)

Step 13: Monitor and assess: SEO takes patience and continuous attention to achieve success – more so in a highly competitive keyword segment. We will provide regular reporting and ongoing recommendations and/or services.  The reporting is compared to the baseline (or previous month’s results) to identify trends and help guide additional adjustments.

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