We Can Write You An SEO Plan That Gets Results And Teach You & Your Team What To Do Along The Way

SEO MentorSEO is a long term commitment. If you have done your homework you know it’s not going to happen overnight.   Rather than pay an SEO company fees every month forever, why not learn as you go and put an expiration date on the help and expense?

How does it work?

Get instructions on what to do and how to do it. For about half what we charge to provide SEO services for you, we can write you a detailed plan on how to get the results you want with your SEO & SEM plan.  Each month we provide the plan, support and assessment of the results and you provide the man power.

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Ways we can help you:

  • The cornerstone to any SEO campaign is choosing the best keywords to target for Google and the other search engines. We can give tips on keyword research and the best tools to use.
  • Title tags are critical to SEO: We can help you write title tags that Google loves and will bring the type of traffic you want!
  • META descriptions show in the search engine results. We can help you write appealing, keyword rich descriptions that inspire clicks and get you conversions.
  • Site architecture review: Is your site properly structured for maximum SEO effectiveness? Can the search engines properly crawl your site? Are their duplicate content issues or problems with indexation? We can help!
  • Page structure: Have you used the H1, H2 & H3 tag properly and is the page flow in the right order? What about keyword usage, internal links, images and file naming? It all makes a difference in the appeal your site has to the search engines and your visitors.
  • Back links and inbound linking: where and how to get the best links.  What is considered a “good” link and what kind of links get you penalized by Google?
  • Google analytics: We are Google analytics certified and can help you set it up, read your reports and identify new traffic sources, keywords to target and help you understand visitor paths that lead to conversions.
  • Landing pages: How to test new ideas for free, what to do to increase conversions, where and how to run eye tracking tests and more…
  • Google Webmaster Tools: A wealth of knowledge about how Google see’s your site can be found in Webmaster tools. We can review your account and provide feedback on improvements to make to rank better!
  • Link reclamation: Move your site or change your domain? There are probably links out there to your site that no longer link to a valid page.  We can help you recover that lost link juice!
  • 301 Redirects: Redirecting dead URL’s and 404 error pages can regain tons of lost link juice. We can show you how!
  • There are many other ways we can help, just ask!

How to get started:

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  2. We will discuss your needs and budget and prepare a proposal you’ll love!


  • No contracts
  • No commitments
  • Pay as you go
  • Learn how to do SEO yourself
  • Get the traffic and conversions you need!

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