Why hire us for professional SEO Services?

Like most things, unless you have immersed yourself in something, you lack the experience and “time in the seat” to do it right the first time. Can you afford the learning curve delays and doing it wrong? Time = Lost Revenue

The benefits to paying for SEO services are clear:

  • Faster results – We start getting more traffic and business to your website  much faster than you may think
  • Save money – Avoid payroll, health-benefits, and other costs of employees
  • Avoid Google penalties – Do you want to risk a penalty from Google that could set you back months or ban your site forever?

Hey we’re flexible… We offer 3 types of SEO Services

SEO On Call

ROI4My.com SEO on Call

Buy blocks of hours for immediate, professional SEO guidance by phone or email. Avoid expensive contracts and hassles, get results fast!


SEO Mentoring

SEO Mentor

We’ll write a personalized SEO plan for you that gets results, help you assess the progress along the way and guide your team to success.


SEO Services

Top 10

Prefer us to do the work? We provide customized SEO services that get you more traffic, more business and measurable SEO ROI.



SEO is a Process, It takes time and regular attention to be successful.

Any expert will agree there is a lot of work that goes into getting your website optimized for the search engines and growing your presence in the wide variety of ways ROI4my.com SEO Services team does.

This is why we need you to understand that SEO is a process, not push-button magic (if you think it’s instant, that’s probably why you’re seeing crappy results.)

SEO builds YOUR presence and rankings in an ongoing process!

The truth of the matter is you want the highest quality, most effective links for rankings in the search engines, and we work hard using our proven approach to bring that for you and your business.

Your website will slowly start appearing “everywhere” and people will notice.  Your traffic will start flowing not just from search engines, but from a variety of other places as well.

You may be wondering…

“Why pay for SEO services when I can just do it myself?”

Well, if your way was working you wouldn’t be here right?  Your website would already be ranked, and you wouldn’t be trying to still get it ranked.

Let’s be realistic…

There is no way you could do all these things yourself.   If you could, you would work over 80 hours a week… JUST FOR SEO. Perhaps you think about outsourcing and building a personal SEO team, yet if you did you would spend all your time managing them and not getting a chance to grow your business. Leaving you without the time you want and need to grow your business!

With ROI4my.com SEO Services you have a whole team ready to work for you, without the headaches of managing a team.

You’ve probably heard horror stories about someone who has tried SEO services from a company that didn’t know what they were doing or used black hat tactics.  This can spell doom! We have actually worked with a few clients like that already.

Your business is important to us.

And the Google Panda update is about as misunderstood as the “duplicate content penalty” ever was. Bottom line is you can feel confident knowing with ROI4my.com SEO Services these things are being done correctly and are not going to put your site at risk. Just imagine enjoying your site traffic growing monthly.  This is what you can have.

Now, think about this:  Since you don’t need to hire a full team, you save money… and since you are having all this done for you, you save time.   The powerful advantage is now you can relax and take care of your customers, create more products, or develop other sites.  You can see how this really frees up a lot of  your valuable time!


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