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Making Sense of Google’s Recent Core Algorithm Update

As a long-time digital marketing authority, businesses routinely seek my advice on any number of search-related topics.

Chief among them is ‘How should we respond to Google’s latest algorithm update?’ That said, Google has done it again—albeit on a larger scale. They’ve integrated Google Panda into their core search ranking algorithm. This, has led to a […]

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Google Updates Their Website SEO Rating Guide. Better Check Your Site!

A completely new version of the Google Quality Ratings Guideline is now available for quality raters to rate websites for Google. There is little semblance between the old and the rewritten version. Google is set to provide the most trustworthy and credible websites to users. To be among the top ranked sites, the web making […]

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How Big Is SEO?

I saw this great infographic this morning I wanted to share that shows just how big and popular the SEO industry is online. This is just one of the reasons why we do what we do! Some pretty staggering numbers.

How big is the SEO Industry on the Internet? – An infographic by the team at […]

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