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WordPress Statistics Infographic


Here at ROI4My.com we love WordPress and have built our business as well as our WordPress Support Service (link to https://wpsitehelpers.com) business around it. We can honestly say that without WordPress, we may not be in business. It's growth has been amazing and there are some incredible statistics available for you to learn just how amazing WordPress is.

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CDN – What Is It and Why Your WordPress Website Needs One


Have you ever looked forward to something so badly, then wind up giving up halfway through? Could it be staying in line to get your favorite Starbucks frappuccino only to find out they’ve run out of whipped cream? Maybe waiting for your date to arrive ‘til sundown, then eventually getting a call that he/she is

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WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg – Should you upgrade now?


Should you upgrade to WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg? Still deciding? It's been launched with mixed reactions and only has 2 stars by reviewers. It may break your site due to incompatibilities with plugins, themes or page builders. Our sister company and WordPress Maintenance Service, WPsitehelpers just published this blog post to help you decide if now

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Create dynamic, ROI focused websites and provide ethical internet marketing services that generate ROI while exceeding our clients expectations in communication and results.


We developed our approach around 5  core concepts:

  • Study your website and identify your business goals
  • Target your audience
  • Understand your online competitors
  • Provide effective, ethical “white hat”, quality Internet services
  • Provide personalized and consistent communication


It’s All About Getting You ROI! As you can see by the name of the company ROI4my.com, ROI for your .com is critical to us. We use a balanced approach that focuses on short term gains in ROI and achieving long term goals.