SEO ROI Calculator
How much are you paying for SEO and what is the return you are getting? Do you know the value in dollars of a new visit to your website or of a conversion? (sale, download, sign up, new subscriber, etc.) If not, our calculator can help! Our calculator can help!

I’m pleased to announce we just completed development of our FREE SEO ROI Calculator!

Who is it for:

  • Business owners or executives who want to measure the cost and success of their SEO/SEM campaign
  • SEO and SEM service providers who want a quick and easy way to make sure they are providing ROI to their clients
  • Anyone who owns a website and wants help finding out what they need to do to make it profitable

What will it tell you: (everything is based on the most recent 30 day period)

  • Your conversion rate
  • Your income
  • How many conversions are needed to pay for your SEO/SEM campaign
  • How many visitors does it take for a conversion to happen
  • How many more visitors you will need to pay for your SEO/SEM campaign
  • The total number of visitors needed to pay for your SEO/SEM campaign

So, why not give my SEO ROI Calculator a try and let us know what you think in the comments below: