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In order to protect our interests we must host the site until it’s paid off.  We realize things happen and if you are unable to continue making payments we will shut down the site. When it’s paid off you can continue to host with us, or request a copy of your site.

1) WordPress Platform (most popular CMS on the planet)
2) Custom design, colors, fonts, images to match your brand
3) User friendly, drag and drop site builder
4) Contact page and contact form
5) 1 year of professional hosting
6) Up to 5 email addresses (name@domain.com)
7) Free SSL
8) Malware and spam prevention
9) Speed optimization
10) Basic SEO

*The standard package includes up to 7 pages.


Work with our professional designer, 3 rounds of changes, then the design is integrated in to WordPress. The cost is $735.
Please select how many additional pages of content you would like over and above the 7 the package comes with. The cost is 2 payments per page or $98.
Our professional writers will write the copy for the pages of your website. The cost is 2 payments per page or $98.
Like a contact form only you can choose the data to collect from your website visitors. Form submissions are emailed to you and stored on your site dashboard. The cost is 3 payments or $147.
WooCommerce (full featured ecommerce store). Includes unlimited products, shopping cart and credit card processing. The cost is 8 payments or $392.
We will set up a Google Adwords campaign that will put your ads at the top of Google for the search terms that are most valuable to you or your business. The cost is 10 payments or $490 to set up, plus the per click charges. Monthly management is $200 per month or more depending on your needs.
Your ads will show on Facebook to an extremely targeted audience. The cost is 8 payments or $392 to set up, plus the per click charges. Monthly management is $200 per month or more depending on your needs.
Includes everything needed to make you more visible in Google for your products or services. Keyword research, keyword content blending, META tags optimization, SEO plugin, Optimized headings, XML sitemap, Google Analytics, Google Search Console set up, The cost is 15 payments or $735.
If you don't already have one we will create a Google account and set up Google Analytics and install the tracking code on your website. The cost is one payment or $49.
Please sign your name below using your mouse or finger to acknowledge and agree to the above.
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Create dynamic, ROI focused websites and provide ethical internet marketing services that generate ROI while exceeding our clients expectations in communication and results.


We developed our approach around 5  core concepts:

  • Study your website and identify your business goals
  • Target your audience
  • Understand your online competitors
  • Provide effective, ethical “white hat”, quality Internet services
  • Provide personalized and consistent communication


It’s All About Getting You ROI! As you can see by the name of the company ROI4my.com, ROI for your .com is critical to us. We use a balanced approach that focuses on short term gains in ROI and achieving long term goals.