Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Canvas Ads


Facebook canvas ads are one of the newest developments in social media marketing, which recently became available to advertisers around the world - after months of testing. These advertisements were designed specifically for the Facebook mobile platform, and provide a unique, immersive experience for the user. When clicked, the ad goes full-screen and users

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How Facebook PPC Stacks Up Against Google


We live in a world where digital marketing is continually evolving and growing. While Google had the monopoly on the PPC market until a few years ago, Facebook has managed to hit the market strong with their own tool – Facebook Ads. After utilizing the service ourselves, we can see why it has begun to

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Remarketing Improves with Facebook’s New Features


Facebook has recently introduced a new way to make remarketing on its site even better. Two new enhancements will provide advertisers with better advertising options targeting consumers who frequent the site. Facebook's new features are multi-product ads and new changes to Custom Audiences. For those of you that may not know, Remarketing is the type of

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Facebook and Twitter As A Marketing Strategy


With today's internet shopping and social media, this new age in business is not your father's marketing arena. Modern entrepreneurs must embrace Facebook and Twitter each as a marketing tool like no other. Only then will they tap the full potential of their salesmanship. Smart business owners know that a website is crucial to success.

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Create dynamic, ROI focused websites and provide ethical internet marketing services that generate ROI while exceeding our clients expectations in communication and results.


We developed our approach around 5  core concepts:

  • Study your website and identify your business goals
  • Target your audience
  • Understand your online competitors
  • Provide effective, ethical “white hat”, quality Internet services
  • Provide personalized and consistent communication


It’s All About Getting You ROI! As you can see by the name of the company ROI4my.com, ROI for your .com is critical to us. We use a balanced approach that focuses on short term gains in ROI and achieving long term goals.