The Science Behind Ranking on Google


You’ve got a brand new website and have already begun promoting it. The only thing left is getting the phone to ring and achieving your company’s ROI goals. However, between you and the desired outcome is one of the greatest obstacles of modern-day web marketing - Google's search algorithms. If your business is to

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Making Sense of Google’s Recent Core Algorithm Update


As a long-time digital marketing authority, businesses routinely seek my advice on any number of search-related topics. Chief among them is ‘How should we respond to Google’s latest algorithm update?’ That said, Google has done it again—albeit on a larger scale. They’ve integrated Google Panda into their core search ranking algorithm. This, has led to

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The Google+ Relaunch and What It Means


Meet the New Google+Last month we published a post in which we asked, “Is This the End of Google+?”.  Well, it appears that we now have our answer, as Google has responded loud and clear with a resounding, “No!”. In fact, over the last few days users who’ve logged into + have been greeted with

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Is This the End of Google+?


When it comes to mystery and intrigue, Google is in a class of its own. Indeed the search engine juggernaut is well-known for keeping the tech industry, search engine optimization specialists, as well as local businesses wondering, ‘what’s next?’ So it may come as no surprise to you that they’ve done it again! In typical

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Seven Ways to Improve Your Search Rankings Using Video SEO


When it comes to delivering a message, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words.  If a picture is worth 1,000 words, just imagine what a great video is worth. This is doubly true, as it relates to your SEO. Which is why I often encourage clients to take advantage of YouTube and video SEO.

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Google Display Network vs. Adwords


Today, I'd like to highlight what could be easily one of the biggest misconceptions in digital marketing. It concerns the use of Google's Display Network. Many people mistakenly believe that, since the platform is based on the brand awareness display ad model, Google Display Network ads have no place in performance driven media plans. However,

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Tweets Now Appear in the Google Search Results


The Google - Twitter partnership is official, with tweets already beginning to show up in the mobile search engine results. While tweets are not yet visible on desktop searches, Twitter data is already populating on Google's mobile search app. Likewise, the search engine giant promises to bring similar functionality to non-mobile searches in the very

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Google Is Forcing You To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly. Learn What To Do Now.


If your website is not responsive to mobile devices or does not display properly on the various screen sizes, in the coming weeks or months you could find it more difficult for you to rank on Google. Google’s Mobile Warning Notifications - The Back story Not long ago Google announced that they’d begun sending mass

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Google Penguin 3.0 Recovery


Have you noticed a significant drop in your website’s search engine rankings or substantial changes in your organic search engine traffic? If you are noticing these types of changes, it could be because your site was penalized by Google Penguin 3.0. Alternatively, maybe your website hasn’t been penalized but after hearing about the Penguin update

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HTTPS Sites Get Better Rankings in Google – True or False?


Website maintenance and optimizing have never been more tedious thanks to Google’s Panda, Hummingbird, and Pigeon updates. But just when you thought you've passed all of Google’s security tests along comes a new change recently announced in June at Google’s Annual I/O developer’s conference. The announcement explains why HTTPS sites may get better rankings in Google.

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