The New Google+
Meet the New Google+

Last month we published a post in which we asked, “Is This the End of Google+?”.  Well, it appears that we now have our answer, as Google has responded loud and clear with a resounding, “No!”. In fact, over the last few days users who’ve logged into + have been greeted with a brand new opt-in inviting them to “Meet the new Google+”. Here is what it all means.

Google+ has struggled to meet the needs of users who are looking to connect via social networking. If you frequent social networking websites, you are probably aware of how beneficial (and fun) they can be. Google+ will be re-launching a new and improved platform that is sure to exceed the expectations of its users.

How the New Google+ Aims to Impact Social Media

The new Google+ plans to make a definite difference in various ways, this time around. Google is aware of how important social networking is to its users. Not only is it important for staying in contact with friends and acquaintances, but it is also essential for job-hunting and similar activities. The new Google+ plans to make a major difference in users’ lives, regardless of how or why they use social sites.

Social media has many purposes aside from providing a means to communicate with friends. In fact, given that so many businesses use these platforms for marketing and for reaching prospective customers, social sites already represent a paradigm shift in the way we do business. So  it is no wonder that Google+ aims to push the envelop even further. Essentially, the search juggernaut wants to provide an easy-to-navigate gateway for business owners and customers to meet, enabling everyone’s goals to be reached.

What the Totally Redesigned Google+ Will Offer

The New Google+ Logo

The New Google+ Logo

First of all, Google+ will create a platform that is easier to navigate than the prior version. In addition, the new platform will make connecting with others with similar interests a cinch, and there will also be the ability to easily join interest groups called “communities”. Communities will be set up like forums. This will allow users to communicate with others by participating in existing conversations based on the topic, as well as begin their own discussions that will enable others to find, participate in and respond to them.

Another improvement that Google+ is making is allowing interactive and themed interest groups. This will enhance user experience tremendously, as it will encourage a simple yet enjoyable experience.

For instance, if a user is interested in The Hunger Games Trilogy, they can begin a themed group. The group can be created in an easy manner, and it can include any appropriate photos and much more.

Users will immediately receive a notification informing them of when someone has responded to a post they may have made, including when a person may have sent a message.

In the past, users who attempted to access Google+ via mobile devices encountered problems with the site failing to run as smoothly as expected. This resulted in frustration on the part of users and is likely to have greatly contributed to less-than-desirable ratings. However, the new and improved Google+ will enable users to navigate the social networking platform with more ease. Regardless of the device they’re using, it will be considerably easier for users to get to where they want, when they want. There will be fewer snags, which means less lagging and fewer frustrating technical issues.

The Massive Reach of Google+

Not only will users in the US have an easier time connecting with others with similar interests, but users the world over will have the ability to quickly and easily discover events of the day. This can be done in a fun and interactive manner. Users will be able to connect worldwide and in real-time while using the various tools that Google+ will make available to increase user enjoyment.

Since the improvements that Google+ is making will be ongoing and based on user feedback in relation to what they do or don’t like about the site, future improvements will benefit everyone around the world in other ways, as well. The more feedback Google+ receives, the more improvements it can make, which will impact everyone throughout the world tremendously.

Google+ Relaunch – SEO Implications

While it is likely that the newly relaunched Google+ will continue to exert influence on the search engine optimization industry, it is unclear how this will play out. Some speculate that SEOs should set their sights on Google+ Collections, which gives users the ability to group their updates around specific topics similar to Pinterest. However, since it’s still early, only time will tell.

But if nothing else, the platform’s renewed emphasis on content curation, coupled with the impact that social media has historically had on SEO should be enough to persuade webmasters, SEO enthusiasts and site owners to stick around and see what the new Google+ has in store for us.